Are you aware of benefits related to EVs?

E-vehicles have various benefits: 

  • Reduced operating costs;
  • A clear and silent mobility. E-vehicle motors are about three to four times more efficient than gasoline engines and provide exceptionally quiet and smooth operation as well as a high torque from a standstill: there is no doubt that the driving experience with an EV represents one of the key selling points;
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions: when operated with electricity from renewable sources, electric engines help reduce carbon emissions both at the local and the global level;
  • Using renewable energy locally produced can reduce the dependency of fossil energy and costs;
  • Less maintenance costs: having only a few moving parts (no clutch or no gearbox), electric motors have greatly reduced maintenance requirements (and thus – costs);

Also the charging infrastructure is an area where great process has been made during the past years. With fast – charging an e-vehicle can be topped up whilst the driver takes only a short break. With standard charging, the charging process for e-cars requires appr. 5 – 8h, depending on the e-car model.


A real possibility for all!

The variety of electric vehicles in the marketplace has grown over the past few years, resulting in a vast number of new available and affordable pedelec, e-bike, e-scooter and e-car models. As a consequence, the increased e-vehicles choice is also driving the financial services sector to offer more flexible leasing services. In addition to the car dealer activities, private businesses may set-up innovative applications, such as offering e-transport services in hotels and leisure facilities or installing charging points at offices.