Our Services


Services to Municipalities

In order to build an affordable and solid strategy to EMobility take-off at local level, we have implemented a comprehensive set of services for Municipalities.

  • An overall local mobility SWOT analysis
  • Thanks to the use of a Life Cycle Cost tool, we can provide smart fleet analysis delivering a full picture of e-vehicle replacement opportunities
  • An E-Mobility Action Plan, bridging local policies and investments toward a full emobility implmentation
  • A toolkit for other municipalities involvement, thus to extend our impacts 
  • A toolkit for Businesses involvement


Services to Businesses

Businesses have a foundamental role in EMobility deployment and we want them on board for orienting and guiding properly our actions and prospect tangible investmentment opportunities for Municipalities and citizens.

  • Promotion and visibility in all EMobility Works project National and International conferences and/or events
  • Have an important role in defining, together with the Municipalities, what's the ground for investments in charging stations or e-vehicles
  • Spread the EMobility culture to Municipalities and citizens
  • Spread a correct knowledge of technologies and related benefits  
  • Participate in the Action Plan finalization by providing smart and efficient solutions
  • Be protagonist in suggesting the way to overcome actual barriers to Emobility

Please note that the services our partners offer, in the different countries, can be found on the national websites.